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Comics - Page 801 - Well that puts a few things in a different perspective - 09 Feb 2016 07:04 am

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"That makes me feel all green and purple"
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, 09 Feb 2016 07:23 am

So, I feel like I haven't truly been able to participate in all the conversations these past few updates, what with all the MAGFest prep and all. Seeing as how that's only gonna get worse over the next few updates, I'll go ahead and try to respond to some questions before they get asked:

1. No, Ichabod isn't lying or messing with Layla's head. He actually for real does have a girlfriend.

2. No, it's not a character we've seen already. Adjust your fanfics accordingly.

3. I have no idea when this character will actually be appearing in the comic, mostly because it takes me for-flipping-EVER to actually finish one plot arc and move on to the next. (Which might be for the best cos, to be honest, I'm having a little trouble finalizing this character's design. Have fun pondering what THAT means)


So, funny thing, for once I actually got this page finished... not before midnight, but close to it. I was quite pleased... and then the new Voting Incentive took hours and hours to get right. Figures, huh?

Oh, speaking of which, remember how I was talking about starting a new gallery page for the incentives? Well, I finally did it... for Conventional Wisdom, not Far Out There. See, I don't do TWC voting incentives for that comic, just extra Patreon stuff, so setting up a new Patreon gallery took waaaaaaay less time than the new Voting Incentive/Patreon Gallery will take over here. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at that and give me any feedback you have, especially regarding the whole "grouping pages into chapters" thing. I've never actually used that feature before, but I think it'll be useful for keeping the various sets organized, especially since I'll be putting Patreon comics on that same page.

And speaking of THAT, I promise the next Far Out There Madlib comic IS coming. I'd hoped to have it done before MAGFest, but it's turning out to be a lot longer than the other comics, so that's probably not gonna happen. DRAT.

Advertisement, 11 Feb 2016 08:57 am

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User Comments:

Seros Senric (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 07:51 am

I beleive that Ichabod planned to reveal this information now just to mess with Layla.
Being Ichabod, he knows that the truth is the best thing to use when you want to mess with someone's head.

I think point number four means we should all start talking about Layla's possible jealousy.
There is no other possible interpretation.

Sometimes it's hard to remember just how little time has actually passed in-comic since it started, so it might not actually be much of a problem, but this new information has got me wondering how his relationship is working long-distance. And how someone survives dating a danger-magnet nitpicker.
Not a character we've seen before means we can't really tell anything other than she's not on the ship.
...Although, there are some characters that have been mentioned but not seen...

Concerning the new Patreon Gallery comic, I only took a quick look, but I think just be aware that if you add a page to an existing chapter, it'll likely dump it in there instead of true chronological order. Although I'm not entirely sure if that is how it works.

Stilez is even more confused about cheerleaders than I was when I first found out that they were a thing.

Number 6 (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 11:31 am

Layla, you have nobody to blame for this but yourself.

Vote incentive: Stiles should totally understand the concept of a cheerleader: that's basically Tax's entire job description. She follows Stiles around and cheers for her. "Yay! Smash those buildings! Blast those tanks! Blow up that thing! Now blow up that other thing! Yay! Go Stilez!!" I imagine when Stilez fights superhero teams that the superhero teams have their own cheerleaders on their sideline and Tax is on Stilez's sideline.

Ed8 (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 03:54 pm

Possibly his girlfriend is also a Nitpicker (professionally, that is) so that rather than be annoyed by the nitpicking they can admire each others artistic skill (of course Nitpicking is an art, what else would it be?) and she would be used to the danger of the job.

Layla is definitely jealous, only it's not that kind of jealousy. Romantic jealousy wouldn't generally result in her being squicked out by the thought of his relationship. This is really more like what one might sometimes see in a kid who is not comfortable with the idea of their parent dating someone, because they don't like the idea of not having the parent's full attention. Not that Layla would have any parental abandonment issues due to her dad dying and her mom rejecting her. So she now sees Ichabod as a substitute Dad.

Now that I've said that, I'm going to have to follow Eric's example & go into witness protection myself, as I think this would actually tick Layla off even more than the romantic jealousy suggestion.

Seros Senric (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 04:53 pm

@Number 6
That makes a lot of sense. I also expect that Tax considers some of the recurring superhero cheerleaders friends of hers. Whether or not those cheerleaders feel the same way is irrelevent.

I agree with everything you said there.

Blitzkrieg1701, 09 Feb 2016 07:06 pm

SS: Oh yeah, I don't plan on adding new pages to existing chapters, it'd be way too easy to miss stuff that way. Instead, the plan is to, say, add a batch of the Jenna Patreon comics as "Jenna Blah Blah Blah part 1", then a group of voting incentives or whatever as "Voting Incentives or Whatever", and then the next batch of Jenna comics as "Jenna Blah Blah Blah part 2". I'm just hoping that a menu of chapter titles will make it easier to work out what's where than one long list of every single page would be (like, you know, on the main site)

No. 6: I think what's got Stilez confused is the nature of Pom-Poms. They're clearly useless as weapons, so Stilez can't understand why the exist.

Ed8: Hmmmm, how can I say this in a non spoiler way... Pay attention to what Ichabod has said about the character who is NOT his girlfriend, and you might learn a thing or two about the one who IS.

Ed8 (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 08:20 pm

@Blitz: That would pretty much confirm a reasonable assumption about what type of girl Ichabod might be attracted to (The Stilez-Ichabod ship would definitely have been a case of "opposites attract", which doesn't usually work that well in real life) Now I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why you would be worried that anything you reveal about her might even be potentially spoilerish if we haven't seen her in the comic yet? Does that mean we've heard about her but not seen? Very curious indeed.

Also, I notice you wisely avoided addressing my Layla jealousy theory. A prudent choice. ;)

Ed8 (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 09:02 pm

As long as we're speculating: WHAT THE HECK IS TABITHA UP TO?? Her last appearance back in October was very ominous. "You know what I must do." are always portentious words for a character to utter, but for a Mad....um, I mean mildly eccentric scientist like Tabitha that could be almost anything!

Seros Senric (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 09:29 pm

Concerning Tabitha, I keep thinking of that every time there is an update.

...I've just been a little concerned about mentioning my thoughts about it where Blitz can see...

Blitzkrieg1701, 09 Feb 2016 09:51 pm

Oh, Tabitha's been keeping busy *knowing chuckle*

Seros Senric (Guest), 09 Feb 2016 09:55 pm

I knew whatever response you'd say concerning Tabitha would disturb me...

Number 6 (Guest), 10 Feb 2016 01:36 am

@Blitz - If anyone can find a way to turn Pom-Poms into a weapon of mass destruction, it would be Stilez. We believe in you Stilez, you can do it!

News Report: "This just in - A sole survivor was pulled from the rubble of the obliterated military base earlier today. Strangely, he was unable to provide any details about what had happened, but instead kept muttering 'pom-poms' over and over. Doctors are unsure what this might mean. Stay tuned for further news as it becomes available."

Darius Drake (Guest), 10 Feb 2016 04:49 am

@ Layla: I wonder how long her "No more questions" decision will last. I give it... well, I'm going to say one adventure (after this one finishes).

Ed8 (Guest), 10 Feb 2016 06:24 pm

@Darius Drake: You have more confidence in Layla's self-control than I do. I won't be surprised if she doesn't make it through this Friday's strip without asking a question.

Darius Drake (Guest), 11 Feb 2016 02:24 am

@ Ed8: I doubt it. I'm only counting questions posed to or about Ichabod. She can still ask questions to Tabitha and Trigger, or anyone else, so long as they aren't to or about Ichabod, be it directly or indirectly (for example, she can't ask about Ichabod's Girlfriend).

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