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Comics - page 724 - at least three colors - 17 Apr 2015 06:02 am

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I think the Cat part of Stilez's Catgirl DNA must come from Tigger.
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, 17 Apr 2015 06:58 am

And now, COLORS AND EXPLOSIONS! ...because I'm hoping flashy spectacle will distract you all from how much the plot has been running in circles lately. *sigh* I've learned some really important writing tricks over the course of this arc:

1. Don't do any more stories with three or four plots trying to happen all at once. A single main plot with a couple of sub-plots that are clearly subordinate to it? Sure, but that's now what ended up happening here. We started off with what looked like a story for Trigger, then suddenly Layla's story took over everything, and THEN Stilez showed up and put the brakes on everything, and all the while Ichabod and Avatar try desperately get an occasional line of dialog... I'm just saying it would have taken a lot more rewrites than I can ever give myself time for (I mean, look how many hours late this page is)

2. If you MUST insist on doing a story as complicated to write as this, DON'T INTRODUCE A WALKING ACTION SEQUENCE HALFWAY THROUGH. There's a reason so much of Stilez's antics have been off screen recently. I was already frazzled from trying (and failing) to keep all the perspective shifts and character entrances straight, but page after page of dynamic action sequences too? I run out of brain pretty quick trying to do all that at once, and the hardest one to draw tends to be the one that's first to go. I mean, let's face it, my artistic skills are naturally directed towards people talking and making faces at each other. Jumping around and punching things? I gotta clear my schedule of all distractions before getting into that.

Well, enough of my venting (yeesh, isn't that what I have Twitter for?) Let's have a New Voting Incentive that's... actually, it's almost as sad as Tuesday's, if you stop and think about it for a second.

Advertisement, 18 Apr 2015 02:11 am

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User Comments:

jex0 (Guest), 17 Apr 2015 01:31 pm

anyone else notice that trigger looks like layla's father?

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