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Welcome to Far Out There, the webcomic where things happen... IN SPACE! And that's not just an annoying tagline, either. That's as close as we get to a major plot around here. Characters interact, humorous events occur, people are cute in a vaguely-manga-esque way, and it's all in the distant future. Taa Daa!

If you've got some more detailed questions you need answered... um, the FAQ page will be ready before too long, I PROMISE!

I started Far Out There in 2008 to try and figure out how to draw webcomics. Many years later... I'm still trying to work that out. If that many years of material sound daunting to sort through, fear not! We've got a handy dandy summary of everything that's happened so far (in a lot more detail than that blurb above) right HERE.

Also, I do another webcomic called Conventional Wisdom which is about anime conventions. Check it out HERE. Also, see random things I draw on occasion at deviantArt. I don't have a tumblr 'cos I'm lame.
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