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Story So Far:

Ichabod is a member of the Galactic Nitpicker's guild. He travels the universe telling people everything they're doing wrong and getting paid for it. One such job was evaluating a company that did shady odd jobs for shadier clients, the owner of which had recently passed away. Specifically, Ichabod was to determine if Layla, the founder's teenage daughter, was fit to take over the company business. She was not. For example, Layla introduced Ichabod to Trigger, a boy she had been paid to raise from birth in an automated underground bunker (and also her surrogate little brother and best friend). Layla had no idea why, but Ichabod quickly figured out that the bunker was a training facility designed to raise Trigger as a master saboteur for a group of ecoterrorists. Ecoterrorists who had already fled the planet years ago, meaning that Layla wasted considerable money keeping Trigger down there for no reason. In short, Ichabod's visit resulted in Layla having her job and everything she owned taken from her, and Trigger discovering his entire life no longer had meaning. Fortunately, Ichabod felt sorry for the kids and offered to give them a ride off-planet. That is, he felt sorry for Trigger, and Trigger wouldn't leave without Layla.

Trigger and Layla settle in on board Ichabod's ship, The Exposition. Except it isn't actually Ichabod's ship. The Exposition is actually a small passenger ship, belonging to one Captain Crosby. Ichabod gets to set the course, but anyone else heading that way is free to be a passenger. The kids are introduced to The Exposition's other permanent passengers, Avatar and Vengeance. Avatar is an indestructible little girl created by mad scientists to be the living host of all human knowledge after the end of the universe. Captain Crosby found her floating in space and gave her a free ride out of pity. Vengeance... well, Vengeance is just creepy.

Since neither Trigger nor Layla had belongings to bring with them, Layla browbeats Ichabod into taking them to an interstellar convenience store to buy new clothes. While there, they run afoul of Frank: The 3rd Most Important Person in the Universe, who is a jerk. Frank then runs into Stilez, a super-strong Amazonian catgirl, and her best friend Tax. Stilez is infamous across the universe as a source of uncontrollable destruction. Stilez also thinks Frank is to blame for Tax getting hit in the face with a pair of beef underwear (which, to be fair, had his picture on them). This resulted in lots of shooting and physical violence until Ichabod managed to defuse the situation. Somehow, he managed to do so without Stilez finding out that HE was the one who caused the underwear flinging in the first place.

Soon after, The Exposition took on a number of extra passengers, including salesman-of-ill-repute Ram Quatzi. Ram tried to get his fellow passengers to purchase a... thing he was selling, even though he couldn't really remember what it did. That's because it was actually a memory-erasing brainwasher weapon. Except it wasn't, really. It was ACTUALLY a shapeshifting murder-bot DISGUISED as a memory-erasing brainwasher weapon. This was all very confusing. Thankfully, Trigger deactivated it before it did too much damage, thanks to his intense sabotaging skills.

Next, Ichabod was hired to provide nitpicking services for the staff of a Mad Science convention. Trigger and Layla came along, but Avatar stayed behind since, well, mad scientists kicked her into space. On their way in, the kids met Tabitha, a young scientist who had come to the convention with her father. They also met Bridget and Alphonse, Tabitha's cybernetically enhanced undead children. Bridget and Alphonse are the most adorably awesome things ever. Also on the way into the convention, the group ran into a traveling band of Jesus Freaks. One of the Jesus Freaks was Skye: a pretty blonde girl with a passion for sabotaging advanced technology. Trigger crushes on Skye HARD. Layla was also briefly infatuated with one of the mad scientists, Dr. Vanderslice. That is, she was infatuated with his pioneering matter transmogrifier and how it might make her rich. She got over it really fast, though, when she discovered that mad scientists are, well, mad. Mad and really icky. Layla ended up angrily venting to Tabitha, who totally sympathized. Tabitha wants to rescue the so-called "mad sciences" from the lousy reputations of actual, dangerous insane people, her father included. Tabitha's father, by the way, had gone missing, ticked off at Dr. Vanderslice and the rest of the convention for not taking is "mad alchemy" seriously. This was a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, Trigger had run off to find Skye, who was surprisingly good at disappearing into places people weren't supposed to be. He eventually found her in the machinery sub-basement, where the guts of all the mad science stuff was stored. Turns out Skye was actually a PROFESSIONAL saboteur, come to the convention for a job. This turns Trigger on even more. Weirdly enough, though, Skye wasn't hired to sabotage anything, but to fix it. Most of the mad science on display at this sort of thing was wildly dangerous, and highly illegal on most planets. Thus, the convention staff made a habit of neutralizing the dangerous stuff to protect the dangerous psychopaths they knew would show up. Skye had been hired (by Tabitha, it eventually turned out) to restore the dangerous stuff to full power so that undercover police would have the evidence they needed to arrest said psychopaths. Unfortunately, this ended up being the worst thing anyone could do, since Tabitha's Dad still wanted vastly overblown revenge. He hijacked all these freshly powered-up engines of mad science to power his own planet-devouring void making thing. Then he drove every robot at the convention insane, because of COURSE a mad science convention has lots of robots, and set them loose. This was all bad stuff.

In the midst of many action-packed set pieces and lots and lots of running around, Trigger, Layla, Skye, Tabitha, Bridget, Alphonse and Avatar eventually managed to stop the planet from being destroyed. Then all the rampaging robots were stopped by Ichabod's boss Sophia and her gun-toting assistant Claire. This basically came out of nowhere. In the end, Tabitha was now everybody's friend, Skye was totally oblivious to Trigger's crush, and the mad science convention was totally ruined.

Back on-board The Exposition, every corner of the ship was packed full of mad scientists going home early. Ichabod struck up a friendship with one Dr. Hector, which resulted in Trigger and Layla meeting his kids: Kevin, Jenna, and Megaweapon. Kevin is an insensitive clod, Jenna is sweet but downtrodden, and Megaweapon... Megaweapon is a horrid little troll. He spent most of his time assaulting Jenna, or being held down by Kevin, who was too busy watching TV to care he's getting bit. As this was happening, Kevin let slip that his family was super rich, which gave Layla the idea to seduce Kevin and score some sweet long-distance relationship gifts. Unfortunately, Kevin was too oblivious to take a hint from the hot girl next to him. And as THAT was happening, Trigger got to know Jenna and realized just how thoroughly Megaweapon had traumatized her. It made him sad. Enough so that, the next morning, Trigger claimed he and Jenna had plans for the day so that she wouldn't have to watch Megaweapon again. Instead, they drafted Avatar, who had been sitting on the ship's outer bulkhead rather than hang out with more mad scientists, to watch Megaweapon. She wasn't good a this, and the brat escaped into the bowels of the ship. Trigger and Jenna's playdate didn't go all that much better, as Trigger utterly failed to notice Jenna's crush on him before ditching her to help find Megaweapon. Layla's attempts to woo Kevin went the worst, though, with him thoughtlessly insulting her late father. That was the end of that. It took Vengeance scolding him afterwards for Kevin to realize Layla had even been flirting with him at all, and by that point the ship had definitively sailed.

Down in the Exposition's cargo hold, Megaweapon started tinkering with a bunch of the mad scientists dangerous creations, because he was a nasty brat. One of these creations was a glowing spiky blue thing, which he tossed, humming ominously, into a garbage chute. Another was a big swirling goopy brain thing, which Avatar got her head stuck in. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The thing turned out to be the property of a Dr. Jarre, whom Avatar had briefly met earlier. She thought Avatar might actually be the long lost Princess Rheiko. Dr. Jarre was kind of crazy. Eventually, after enduring much nasty goop, purple bunnies and shirtlessness, Trigger and Avatar cornered Megaweapon in a vat of nanomachines. Nanomachines can tickle people from the inside. Trigger then had the sneaky idea to convince Megaweapon that those nanomachines would send him into a tickling fit if he ever attacked Jenna again. It worked enough to stop him from biting all the time, but Megaweapon was still a nasty brat anyway. Then Jenna scolded Trigger for messing with Megaweapon's head, right after he had scolded Layla for messing with Kevin's heart, so drama. Everything got cleared up by the time the mad scientists left the ship, though. Kevin even started being nicer to Jenna. Awww.

Captain Crosby set to work cleaning up the mad scientist mess, but missed the spiky glowing blue thing, which continued to hum ominously in the garbage. Meanwhile, Ichabod got on Layla's case for fiercely defending her Dad after claiming to be an amoral money-grabber. Layla responded with the tale of the first major con job Daddy let her run... and how badly she'd screwed it up. Honestly, the story served to make both Layla and her Dad look like really lousy people. The moral, however, was that Layla's Dad was a nice guy and loved her regardless of money and awwwww. But then it turned out that Ichabod already knew Layla's father was a nice dude and was only giving her a hard time to be difficult. Less awww.

(Also, people who read the Killer Station of Deadly Doom voting incentive comics know that Ichabod was actually friends with Layla's Dad, having escaped a dilapidated space station full of killer robots with the guy.)

After finally getting everything back to normal, suddenly The Exposition lost all power. Some kind of... something was draining power from all the shipboard devices, even Captain Crosby's environmental suit. Unable to fix things, or even figure out what the problem was, the best Trigger and Avatar could do was get communications working. Obviously, the first thing they did was contact Tabitha for help. And obviously, Tabitha's answer was to transmit Alphonse's consciousness over the signal so it could manifest on the ship as a holographic magical boy. Layla thought that was totally adorable. Layla then insisted on accompanying holo-Alphonse and Avatar to look for the cause of the technical problems, which required her to squeeze into a ridiculous, skin-tight containment suit. She thought that was less adorable. Turns out glowing, spiky blue thing that Megaweapon fiddled with and tossed in the garbage was actually an energy-eating holo-monster. Remember that? That actually mattered! Despite no help from her Dad and her Mom apparently being a disembodied voice, Tabitha knocked together some science to destroy the holo-monster. Well, it DID turn out to have a plasma canon secret weapon hidden inside, but it mysteriously malfunctioned before anyone got shot. (Actually, Vengeance disarmed it without anyone seeing, 'cos he's mysterious like that) So, in the end, the day was saved, Tabitha and Layla made a point to keep calling each other up, and Captain Crosby made a very angry call to Megaweapon's parents (which earned Megaweapon a very angry haircut)

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