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Comics - Page 129: Welcome To The Party! - December 20th, 2010, 5:00 pm

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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, December 20th, 2010, 5:37 pm

Posted on Feb 27, 2009
*yawn* Man, this is the worst all-nighter I've had to pull for a WHILE. Can't imagine why

Anyway, we've got something important to get to here: IT'S THE FIRST PAGE OF THE FAR OUT THERE CAMEO FEST!!! And there's a TON of faces to point out in this one, too, so let's get at it!

To the left of Rev. Bonfire, with the Freakazoid hair, is Placard Pete from Confusedsoul's Mildly Mundane

Fluttering right above him is Penny from Crossing Death by BlkKnight

The fellow in the red jacket, just to the left of Layla, is Andrew Tinker from The Mad Scientist Wars

...and right next to HIM, in the top hat, is EXCLAMATORY MAN! from Mystery Bread by Niccea and Ochitsukanai

The big dragon above Ichabod is Nervagor, an original character created by Robin Firedrake

Down between Trigger and Ichabod, in the red cloak, is Elizabeth Wulf from Niccea's Red and White

Finally, right of Ichabod with the big gun, is Lt. Luke Johnson from Omega Justice by Fukujinzuke

(Historical Note: I thought about going through all the sites mentioned in the coming pages and seeing how many of these comics are no longer active... but quickly decided it'd be too depressing)

For the record, it was NOT smart to try and cram that many characters into this page OR start with a crowd scene. Future pages will only have two or three cameos a piece, but they'll be much easier to see than these were.

Also, they're not really CAMEOS, but this page also features the "danger" simbol from Digimon Tamers, Gigantor, The Satellite of Love from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the infamous Masegentes Genocite Pie from page 53!

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User Comments:

Buff55 (Guest), January 26th, 2015, 7:08 pm

That's a lot of cosplayers

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