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Comics - Page 135: We Interupt This Scene To Advance The Plot - December 20th, 2010, 5:00 pm

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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, December 20th, 2010, 5:59 pm

Posted on Mar 20, 2009
D'OH! Well, Trigger STILL managed to get farther than I ever would have managed at his age. (Heck, I'm lucky if I can get that far NOW) But enough about my sorry, sorry romantic life. Let's get on to some cameos!

In the3rd panel, to Skye's left, is Thaddeus Guy from the Mad Scientist Wars

...and to her right, between her and Layla, is Dirk Cohen from fukujinzuke's Omega Justice

The purple-haired scamp ALSO right of Skye is Isis from Crossing Death by BlkKnight

Down in the 4th panel, right of Trigger, is The Uncanny Upper Dave of the comic of the same name by Bittenbymonk

Finally, on the far right, is Dolly from Flup's Cook's Assistant

...and, as always, one just for me: Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the left of the last panel.

By the way, I'm actually starting to run a little low on cameo fodder at the moment. Those folks who just offered me the whole cast of their comics still have characters left, but it'll get a bit dull if it's just the same few comics represented over and over again. Come on, guys! Isn't there anyone else who wants a character to pop up in here? Send away!

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