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Comics - Page 367 - Looks like he's hit a snag - July 18th, 2011, 11:00 pm

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How did he even get up that flat wall?  Is Trigger Spider Man?
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, July 10th, 2011, 11:35 pm

Now we have to update the "shirtless scene" Trope page
Well, it's been a while, but once again Trigger has found an excuse to wriggle his way out of his shirt. Seriously, is he trying out for Captain Kirk or something?

Anyway, I'm amending something that was bothering me here. It made sense for Avatar to not want to bother The Cap'n after she'd promised to take care of Megaweapon herself, but really, not even TELLING him that a severely destructive monster child was loose in the ship was just irresponsible. So, now we have some much-needed communication and I feel better about everything. Horray!

Know what would make me feel even better? If everybody would drop by the forum and tell me what they'd like to see in the next Voting Incentive series. Oh, and voting right now! That too! The Family Album's not quite over yet!

Advertisement, November 16th, 2019, 4:24 pm

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User Comments:

Guest, July 19th, 2011, 11:09 am

*inset Trigger fanservice here

A "talk to the captain" button? Wow, even the captain is bored... :O

Blitzkrieg1701, July 19th, 2011, 4:25 pm

Well, he DOES like to know what's happening on his ship...

Seros Senric (Guest), July 20th, 2011, 7:08 am

I'm interested in the "Use at your own risk" caption the button has...

Also, I'm wondering if I can muster the effort required to actually register on the forum...

Blitzkrieg1701, July 20th, 2011, 12:09 pm

You can do it! I believe in you!!!

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