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Comics - page 749 - no longer worth watching - July 14th, 2015, 6:08 am

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Ichabod does not have a future in narrating documentaries
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, July 14th, 2015, 7:02 am

Just in case you forgot about these guys... and why they're creepy.

So, I feel kind of bad for being absent from the comment section the past week or so, but Otakon's looming, and I've been scrambling to get enough of a page buffer ready to accommodate the trip & Conventional Wisdom update. I've actually got them all penciled at this point, and I think you're really gonna like... well, I shouldn't go blabbing spoilers :D

Anyway, if you missed it last week, I'm toying with the idea of starting a Patreon, and I'm looking for whatever feedback I can get regarding donation rewards and whatnot. I've already figured out one thing for certain: we're all broke, so the bar would be set LOOOOW. I'm talking, like, One Dollar A Month low. Yup, the basic idea right now is that anyone who pledges anything at all, even just a single dollar a month, would get access to an extra Far Out There comic AND an extra Conventional Wisdom every week. I've already been toying with another side story like Killer Station of Deadly Doom to use as a Voting Incentive, but I think it'd work very well in this context too. Add the extra Conventional Wisdoms in and we're talking about EIGHT extra comics for just a buck! That's, like, thirteen cents a comic! That's not too bad, right?

Of course, if you WANTED to pledge some crazy, insane, More Than One Dollar amount, I'd offer extra rewards too... and that's where I really need feedback right now. Coming up with extra stuff that'd actually be worth real money, but still be a reasonable amount of time and energy, is gonna be a challenge. SO if you've got any crazy ideas, feel free to toss 'em out.

OH! And speaking of Voting Incentives, here's a new one. And I'm not even asking for a dollar this time! :D

EDIT: fixed a few typos (geez, you'd think I was finishing this page at 8am or something) Let me know if I missed any.

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User Comments:

Endless Void (Guest), July 14th, 2015, 8:22 pm

I look away for one week and a lot of stuff happens.

I like the idea of a Patreon. One thing I've seen other groups do is set cumulative goals. So not just "You pay X get Y", but "Once the total amount is X everyone gets Y". Things like website improvements or more comics, stuff that benefits everyone.

One thing I like about internet entertainment is that everyone can view the same stuff, but I also understand that people want something for their money. Personally I like the idea of early access for backers, but everyone eventually has access to the same stuff.

As for specific rewards for higher tiers the best I got is commissions (completely original I know). Something I saw another webcomic do was write short stories about a topic a backer asked for (it was a kickstarter so the tiers were a lot higher). Maybe have each supporter of a certain tier able to vote for their preferred topic for a side story from a list?
Any way, good luck with it!

Also, congratulations on breaking the top 100 on top web comics. (Edit: Wow, should have looked on the Facebook page first...)

Blitzkrieg1701, July 14th, 2015, 9:42 pm

Heh, don't worry. The Facebook thing was from a while ago (and only lasted an hour or two). I haven't even had time to gloat on THIS much longer-lasting triumph. :)

But anyway, YAY INPUT! Thanks! I'm a little nervous about offering too much in the way of requests/commissions, just because I don't want to promise anyone something I can't provide. That's why I like the idea of a side story I could mostly draw before the Patreon even starts, then there's no way it'd interfere with regular updates. But I dunno, I guess higher-tier rewards would be less risky, since I probably wouldn't have to do as many.

Also, I'm glad you mentioned the achievements ("if I get ____ bids a month, EVERYBODY gets ____") 'cos I totally forgot about that. Yeah, I'd need to come up with some of those too, and while Conventional Wisdom-related achievements are kind of obvious ("If I get _____ then I can go to _____ con!"), I'm drawing a blank of stuff Far Out There readers would get excited about. The best I can think of is buying my own hosting and finally getting off Smackjeeves. Which would be good and all, but... I dunno, web hosting isn't a very "fun" achievement, so if anyone has any more ideas, I'd really love to hear 'em.

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