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Comics - page 753 - blah blah yelling - July 27th, 2015, 11:00 pm

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Standing around, lots of talking, flashy backgrounds to try and overcome lackluster character art... If Far Out There ever became a low budget anime, this would be it.
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, July 20th, 2015, 12:18 pm

Okay, so on the one hand, I'm not terribly pleased with this page. The art's sloppier and plainer than I would've liked, and the dialog is too heavy on exposition and light on comedy. On the other hand, HOLY CRAP! I finally got an extra page done before a convention! Whatever complains I might have about how this page turned out here, I can guarantee it would be worse if I'd tried to crap this page out AFTER the con rather than before. And since that means I won't have to stop working on Conventional Wisdom for a day, THAT update will get done sooner, meaning Friday's Far Out There will hopefully be less sloppy.

And of course, we've also got a new Voting Incentive today... which I'm ironically rather nitpicky about as well. In this case, though, it's just the oddness of the pose, which could just be a matter of opinion. Clearly, you all need to go vote so you can see what you think. (Eh? Eh? See what I did there?)

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User Comments:

Darius Drake (Guest), July 28th, 2015, 6:28 am

@ Incentive: Tabitha seems to follow a "if you have it, flaunt it" policy to playing dress up. She knows she doesn't have the 'traditionally considered optimised female body' type, so she doesn't try to flaunt it. Layla, however, does, so she has her flaunt it. She won't push this in daily life, but if limited to playing dress up, Layla should be happy that she's not been put in a strapless dress (that I've seen).

Of course, now that I've said that, the next dress might be a strapless wedding gown or something.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 28th, 2015, 9:57 am

Oh man, you just wait. Tabitha's still got an extensive, exotic wardrobe left to go through.

Ed8 (Guest), July 29th, 2015, 12:37 am

Sure, Cap'n, I'll just go tell Stilez that YOU don't want her on the ship, that's OK with you, right?

Actually, Stilez would come in quite handy to have around next time they face an army of killer robots or something similar, which does seem to happen a lot ore often than you would expect. The plot arcs would be a lot shorter. "Stilez! Look! Robots!" problem solved.

Really, though, this mostly works out well for Vengeance. He *finally* has someone he can sit on the couch with and watch TV who won't jump up and cower in the corner when he walks in! I really want to see how those two interact.

Darius Drake (Guest), July 29th, 2015, 5:11 am

@ Ed8: Really? Well, now that you've brought him up (I admit, I had forgotten about him), I suspect that VENGEANCE would be the one hiding behind a couch from Stillez. Unless, of course, his name suggests wanting vengeance against Stillez. Then that noise was him trying to hurt her.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 29th, 2015, 8:37 am

Not sure if this qualifies as a Spoiler or not, but what the heck would happen if you put Vengeance and Stilez in the same room is something I'm trying to work out myself.

I mean, SOMETHING would obviously go down, but I'm genuinely not sure what it would be. (I guess there's only one way to find out, huh?)

reynard61, July 29th, 2015, 4:10 pm

@ Blitzkrieg1701: Maybe a Styles/Vengeance encounter will be a "The-characters-write-themselves"-type thing, and whatever happens happens.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 29th, 2015, 6:01 pm

Well, that's basically EVERY encounter I write :D

Darius Drake (Guest), July 29th, 2015, 6:09 pm

@ Blitz: Well, if you haven't decided yet, just include Tax in the introduction and have her find him either scary (unlikely) or adorable. The rest would write itself.

Or just skip to the end of them watching TV on the couch.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 29th, 2015, 7:38 pm

Man, I'm honestly not sure WHAT it'd take to genuinely scare Tax (it'd probably have to be something the rest of us find completely benign)

Ed8 (Guest), July 29th, 2015, 9:50 pm

My expectation was that there would be this huge buildup before the meeting with the characters speculating on what enormous conflict might take place and then after all the tension and buildup it would be "hey, how ya doin' nice to meet ya" and that would be the completely anticlimactic result. Because, really, there's not any reason for them to clash. Though I fully expect Tax to find him "adorable" or "funny" or some other reaction completely at odds with how anyone else would see him, because Tax.

Ed8 (Guest), July 29th, 2015, 9:53 pm

Either that, or they both wander the halls of the same ship for weeks while, through an amazing coincidence of probability, never actually encountering each other... because the author is still trying to figure out what would happen if they did ;)

Blitzkrieg1701, July 29th, 2015, 11:15 pm

I like both of these possibilities :)

Darius Drake (Guest), July 30th, 2015, 5:45 am

Tax is afraid of Hammers, because someone (well before she met Stillez, or in a situation which caused her to meet Stillez) destroyed all her stuff with a hammer. They may have also managed to hit her in the head with the hammer, but only if they were chasing her and Tax being hit in the head with the hammer is what caused Tax to meet Stillez. The hammer wielder would have been immediately killed by Stillez in this situation.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 30th, 2015, 7:41 am

Interesting, though a little... explicable. I'm thinking Tax's fear would need to be something completely irrational,like... I dunno, a phobia of sliced tomatoes, or cumulonimbus clouds at sunset, of fish flopping around (not still fish, or fish swimming normally, just the flopping around on land) You know, something that can't be tied to her backstory, it's just weird.

Ed8 (Guest), July 30th, 2015, 11:20 am

That does, however, explain why (in the future) you can't find tomatoes anywhere anymore. (It seems that for some reason Stilez started destroying planets known for their tomato-farming. Of course, it was numerically impossible even for her to destroy all tomatoes, but pretty soon everyone everywhere was too afraid to grow them, insurers stopped selling Tomato Insurance, planetary governments banned tomato farming and tomato possession under pain of death, and 3 weeks later, the Tomato was extinct. Now we know why.)

It's a shame, those tomato-and Xal-Gox sandwiches were delicious.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 30th, 2015, 4:29 pm

OMG YES. There can be some news report in the background about some random thing becoming inexplicably scarce, and then weeks later we discover that's what Tax is scared of.

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