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Comics - page 871 - Add that to the list - October 11th, 2016, 8:02 am

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Bridget is unimpressed, she's kicked pillows in her sleep WAAAAY farther.
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, October 11th, 2016, 8:14 am

Well, another Conventional Wisdom update is done, and you know what that means! Another late, half-finished update over here, and another lame, half-baked excuse about it from me! Actually, I take that last part back. Today's excuse is actually kind of novel, if even more embarrassing than usual. See, when I finally emerged from my post-comic-binge coma and shambled out of bed, I... um... kind of started drawing Friday's page instead of today's. I actually made some pretty good progress before realizing I'd missed an important step. That's probably gonna come in handy in a few days, seeing as now I'm gonna be out of town this weekend, buuuuuuut it did absolutely insure that I wouldn't have the REAL page done on time today. So, here's your half-finished rough draft, and I'll have the finished version (and a new Voting Incentive) up later. Sorry!

And just so I'll have said SOMETHING about the actual comic... I really like that Xal-Gox Coke Bottle in the background. I gotta remember to use that more often.

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User Comments:

Seros Senric (Guest), October 11th, 2016, 4:30 pm

I return!

And there are lots of things I haven't commented on, but I'll leave it for now because technically I'm meant to be working, not commenting on webcomics.

Maybe I'll be back again later.

Blitzkrieg1701, October 12th, 2016, 9:20 am

Well, there'll be a fresh version of this page waiting when you do :)

Ed8, October 12th, 2016, 7:39 pm

Gummy chairs are probably high in fiber?

Avatar continues to be concerned about everyone else being extremely fragile.

Avatar: The other end probably isn't any safer. I don't think Stilez has a safe side.

Tax must have some sort of Spidey-sense combined with super-agility to have survived this long constantly in Stilez's vicinity without being squashed by accident. Or it could just be an automatic extension of the designed Stilez-Controlling Ability.

@Incentive: You were probably going for a Godzilla vibe, but due to Gright's shape I see him more as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. So now you need to draw some other cast members as the Ghostbusters.

Glass Burrito: Another good band name.

Didn't the Cap'n already tell Ichabod he was going to be charged for all of Stilez's damages? Note to Tabitha & Ichabod: make sure that guy's not double-billing you!

@Seros: FOT commenting is far more important than work! Get your priorities straight! ;)

Blitzkrieg1701, October 12th, 2016, 9:57 pm

Ed8: Don't forget, Ichabod's actively trying to get Stilez off the ship, while Tabitha seems bent on getting her wound up... at least that how it looks to the Cap'n. For the moment, at least, that makes Tabitha more worthy of financial punishment in his eyes.

Besides, Cap'n Crosby would never rip off a passenger through sneaky lies... he overcharges his passengers right to their face! :D

Ed8, October 13th, 2016, 3:16 pm

I don't think the Cap'n will have much luck punishing Tabitha financially. She seems like the sort of mad...um, no I meant to say "delightfully quirky" scientist who doesn't really understand or care about the sorts of things that normal people do like "money" (as can be seen from her reaction here). I suspect she's likely to greet the news that she won the megasuperpowerballgalactic lottery and the news that she's flat broke with the same "Yeah, OK, whatever". Plus, at this point she probably has a better chance of getting Stilez off the ship than Ichabod does, as she's less likely to consider collateral damage: "Hey Stilez, want to come home with me to my planet? There's a place near my house with a ton of awesome Killer Flying Reindeer Dragons you can fight!"

http://faroutthere.smackjeeves.com/comics/1090294/bridget-and-alphonses-horrifying-chr istmas-page-7/

I bet Stilez would love that!

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