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Comics - page 896 - slightly distressed - January 31st, 2017, 10:18 am

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Signs that a character in your webcomic MIGHT just have a few unresolved issues
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, January 31st, 2017, 10:36 am

...and there you have it.

This was another page that's late because I was CONSTANTLY fiddling with the dialog, since... well, just LOOK at it. Layla's angry about four or five separate things at this point, and I had to make sure this rage-induced word vomit managed to believably encompass all of them, yet still be at least SOMEWHAT believable as something a normal person would actually say. There's something pretty ironic about me having to burn the midnight oil to carefully perfect the exact wording of a speech that's coming from a character too angry to realize what she's saying.

Speaking of which, part of me feels kinda bad to have introduced a seemingly important storyline for Trigger, only for it to now be revealed as setup for another bit of Layla plot. Lord knows the poor boy plays second fiddle to her enough as it is. And yet, this was the only way I could think of to get Layla to where she needed to be. Under normal circumstances, Layla would NEVER put herself in a position of vulnerability like this. She'd just scowl, say something snarky to show how tough and unshakable she is, and then go brood in private. Heck, that IS what she did before Trigger got thrown into the mix. But that was the key, the one berserk button big enough to make even Layla drop her defenses, even if inadvertently.

...and on a MUCH lighter note, the past few Voting Incentives have been Nintendo related, so here's a Sega-based one for today... though I'll be kind of surprised if anyone actually gets it. Oh, and speaking of which, did you see that there's a big ol' batch of Voting Incentives added to the Gallery?

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User Comments:

Stefan (Guest), January 31st, 2017, 4:30 pm

You've finally done it. You've drawn the one Layla expression no one wanted to see.

Ed8, January 31st, 2017, 6:47 pm

Awwww. :(

Might just be obvious enough now for even Tabitha to catch on. Or not. Oblivious Tabitha says, "But I would never do that to Trigger! Because of course that is totally who this conversation is still about, it's about Trigger, right? And why is everything around here blue now, wasn't it all red just a minute ago?"

I'm guessing Layla never really had actual 'friends' as a kid. As opposed to 'people who kiss up to you because your family is rich and powerful'. It's really not all that unusual for your friend who just got a new cat and puppy to spend all their time playing with them for a little while, it's just a temporary thing. Layla just isn't used to it.

@Incentive- Tax & Stilez would actually make a great platform video game character duo - you can play as Stilez for the levels that require fighting, and as Tax for the puzzle-solving levels. (Of course, if you know the right cheat-code, you can play as Avatar instead and be unkillable.)

Blitzkrieg1701, January 31st, 2017, 7:50 pm

I think it's safe to say that the only friends Layla's had for the overwhelming majority of her life were Trigger and her Dad (and, well, she doesn't have one of them anymore)

Ed8, January 31st, 2017, 8:17 pm

@Blitz - Really no matter how great she got along with her Dad it's not really a social-peers-hanging-out-together as buddies kind of friendship, so that leaves Trigger. Trigger was stuck in an underground bunker the whole time, a captive audience so to speak, therefore in reality she has zero experience at all with a normal sort of friendship where you have to share your friend with the rest of the world. :(

Not that I'm disputing her point about Tabitha neglecting her, just that Layla's really really sensitive to that sort of thing. (Wait, did I just use 'sensitive' and 'Layla' in the same sentence? That can't be right.)

Stonefoot, February 1st, 2017, 8:12 pm

Stubborn as... (or more?)
But Layla really is sensitive... sort of like the "obedient mule" in the story. The one that really will do what you say, but... you have to hit it over the head with a 2-by-4 as hard as you can first, 'cause you have to get it's attention.

So, 'messing with Trigger' is sort of Layla's equivalent of getting hit with a 2-by-4: It gets her attention.

Ed8, February 1st, 2017, 8:46 pm

@Stonefoot - recommend that you do not allow Layla to hear you make that particular analogy ;)

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