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Comics - page 923 - Day Planning - May 5th, 2017, 11:38 am

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"I'm sure standing around patiently is a thing Stilez and Tax are into!"
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, May 5th, 2017, 12:00 pm

Well, this is annoying. Another page going up late and half-finished. What do you think the problem was THIS time? Getting too caught up in the Voting Incentive? Some crazy art problem that took hours and hours to fix? Horrifying computer or internet failure? Nope, I fell asleep. That's all, I just got sleepy. The long version is that, for the past week or two, I honestly haven't slept for more than a few hours without interruption, so when I started getting groggy yesterday evening, I THOUGHT I could just nap for a bit and then wake up in the super early AM and get back to work. And yet, after days and days of waking up stupidly early without wanting to, the one time I actually COUNTED on myself waking up early was when I slept a full nine hours without interruption. Of ALL the times to actually form a healthy life habit...

That's not to say that this page is without problems. The layout you see before you is NOTHING like the one I had in my head when I started drawing. I really, REALLY wanted to have Tabitha sort of latching on to Stilez with her legs and bending over to grab Alphonse. For one thing, seeing her gangly frame twisting around in weird acrobatic ways seems like good physical comedy. But also, Having Stilez be a dominant physical presence in the first frame would have made the image of Tabitha walking away better. It would have expressed visually that there's a choice being made here. Alas, as numerous other pages have proven, I am NOT good complicated physical poses, especially not when multiple characters are interacting with each other, so I had to just zoom that first panel in and move everything else around to fill the empty space. Oh well.

So yeah, finished version will be up sometime tonight. In the meantime, not only is there a new Voting Incentive to see, but I finally updated The Incentive Gallery again! So why not relive some early 2017 nostalgia while you wait? Or, at the very least, marvel at how much more elaborate the Incentives have gotten over the past few months.

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User Comments:

Darius Drake (Guest), May 8th, 2017, 8:53 am

@ Comic: Reading time does take priority over Mummy's Play Time.

@ Incentive: Of course, she can't just PUSH the bottle city onto the ground, that would be too simple. No, she's just making the residents intimidated enough that they'll have a chance to fight back before she goes to build a Bottle Magnetizer to pull the city towards it. At which point she would find out that she was standing between the Bottle City of Kandor and the Bottle Magnetizer, causing it to strike her, which ends up with not only her pressed against the Bottle Magnetizer for a short while, but also more harmed than the Bottle City of Kandor. As an "amusing" side effect, the Bottle Magnetizer also attracts nearby bottles. Not to the extent as to be from the entire city, but far enough to pull bottles from, say, the rest of the Living Bottle City Museum, it's associated Bottle Shop (all the alcoholic container, completely empty, display souvenir and to-be-sold-to-people-with-far-far-far-too-much-money-as-sort-of-pets souvenir types of Bottle Shop, if not more) and the nearby garbage/recycling centre. The Bottle City of Kandor, specifically, remains unharmed, though it's residents to start to suffer from overcrowding due to refugees from the bottles that were destroyed in this endeavour. Also, the damages are at, and may come close to reaching the upper levels of mad-scientist-levels of financial damages.

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