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Comics - Page 942 - making things better - July 14th, 2017, 8:43 pm

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Ichabod knows how to give that look, cos it's the look everybody else always gives HIM.
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, July 14th, 2017, 9:17 pm

Great googly moogly, I think the only thing that DIDN'T happen to delay this page was a power outage... and there's still a few minutes left to go before I click "Submit" for that very thing to happen. As you can see (if you're reading this right after it goes up) I'm posting a half-finished draft because, well, THIS THING HAS ALREADY TAKEN A STUPIDLY LONG TIME TO GET DONE AND I NEEDED TO HURRY UP AND POST SOMETHING.

So what happened? Well, first of all, I've been trying to get that last batch of Animazement comics finished over at Conventional Wisdom, meaning that I didn't even get started on Far Out There stuff until waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late. Then I went and started doing today's Voting Incentive first, which also ended up taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long (though the end result was TOTALLY worth it) and made things even more late. And by THEN, I was so tired that I couldn't physically make it all the way through finishing the page without falling asleep for several hours. AND there's the little matter of me having to throw an entire draft of this page out and completely re-write it from the ground up. That's a little bit of a time sink there (ESPECIALLY when you're literally falling asleep in your chair while you do it)

See, this page was sort of a last-minute addition from the get go. Mariska's original motivation for calling Ichabod was just fear that her career would be over if anybody learned about the whole "misplacing several rich kids" thing. Except, the more I thought about it, that didn't really work. It was pretty selfish, for one thing, but compared to the kind of cosmic calamities we hear Nitpickers casually shrug off all the time, THIS hardly seemed like a career ender. Thus, I decided there needed to be some kind of additional stakes for innocent bystanders that Mariska was trying to protect, making her seem less self-centered and more sympathetic. Better yet, this provided an opportunity for some cutaway gags actually SHOWING these innocent bystanders, meaning I could draw something other than two heads talking to each other for page after page. Unfortunately, the part of my brain that wanted to shake things up visually wasn't communicating with the part that loves to write nonsense dialog about events we're never meant to see. I wasted HOURS trying to come up with a page built around some Mariska flashbacks, but it just wasn't working at all. Finally, and I'm talking well after noon here, I gave up and rewrote the whole page to be purely dialog-based, and even THEN I had to re-re-re-rewrite things multiple times before it finally came together. (And it's still not ENTIRELY together, if you're seeing the black and white version)

For all the headaches, though, I do like the end result. I like the suggestion that Ichabod's well-documented cynicism (remember "Nothing has unleashed more pain and suffering on humanity than good men trying to do the right thing" anyone?) is an unintended byproduct of Mariska being the opposite, and shifting the focus from her over to his reactions really helps bring that out more. At least, telling myself that makes me feel better about it taking nearly a whole extra day to draw two heads talking to each other.

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User Comments:

Ed8, July 15th, 2017, 1:48 am

Not that he's not right
C'mon, Ichabod, even you should be able to put aside your cynicism and realize what is at stake here: We're talking endangered puppies potentially going extinct!

Maybe Stilez can help? She seems to like puppies (or at least puppy-like creatures) It seems a waste to have a perfectly good superweapon on board and not use it.

Unrelated to anything else: I think you may be the only webcomicer I've ever seen who regularly does the vote incentive first and then the strip. Not saying that's good or bad, just...unusual.

Blitzkrieg1701, July 15th, 2017, 3:31 am

It's mainly out of habit, a very outdated one at that. Back when the Incentives were pretty much always quick pencil doodles, I could count on them being done in a fraction of the time the main page took, so I'd just do it first to get it got of the way (plus, doing it BEFORE the main comic update meant I didn't have to go back and amend the comments)

On the other hand, if the comic is giving me trouble (like this one was) often I'll just take a break and work on the Voting Incentive to clear my head. Sometimes the morale boost of getting something, ANYTHING finished is enough to get me over writer's block.

Zaealix (Guest), July 15th, 2017, 11:14 am

This...Almost seems like a picture-perfect fix for the both of them. ADVENTURE! to lure the Stilez away from the Captain's ship, and someone who can keep those action-hero kids...Uhh...Let's...go with...as safe as their vocations can allow.
Maybe, I dunno.

Darius Drake (Guest), July 16th, 2017, 8:17 pm

@ Zaealix: Honestly, I'm expecting the place Ichabod was planning on going and where these kids have decided to go being the same place. And that Trigger will end up thinking they're stupid.

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