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Comics - page 970 - Condition: Normal - October 20th, 2017, 9:15 am

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I've said it before, I'll say it again: THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE VECTOR GRAPHICS
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, October 20th, 2017, 9:31 am

I think I picked up some kind of curse from a technophobic witch or something, it seems like EVERYTHING'S been breaking the past few weeks. Don't worry, my computer's not any worse that it already was, but our modem appears to be on its last legs. Our internet's been cutting out at random all week, and while it doesn't TECHNICALLY interfere with my comic making, it does interfere with... basically everything else ever, so it's still a distraction. Plus, ya know, there's the constant fear that it'll go out RIGHT as I'm about to post the page. Even if I wasn't already running behind schedule with this page, I would have wound up scrambling to finish it anyway just to make sure it got up while things were working.

Speaking of which, I'm not terribly pleased with how the screen in the second panel turned out. I mean, it's the basic idea I wanted, but the layout is all wrong: waaaaay too much empty space and the text boxes are too small. They were SUPPOSED to be readable without too much difficulty, not the illegible fine print they turned out to be. But fixing all that would have meant starting the lower half of that page over almost from scratch... and by then, the modem might have died on me again.

I still like the idea of Blip being the ship's autopilot. I wonder if Cap'n Crosby downloaded all the ship's autopilot programming into Blip, exceeding his normal storage capacity, and that's why he's so... unusual?

Oh, and the PREVIOUS oasis of internet access was long enough for me to get the new Voting Incentive up!

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User Comments:

Ed8, October 20th, 2017, 2:19 pm

Be Sure To Always Read The Fine Print
WARNING: xxxxxxx impact with
foreign object, Unauthorized
xxxxxxxxxx collisions are
forbidden by interstellar traffic
law. If you procede in being
struck by a moving xxxxxxx or
object, you will be subject to
fine or jail time.

In an abrupt end to FOT, the next strip depicts the Exposition being completely destroyed with all hands on board.
Except Avatar.
And to add insult to injury, poor Avatar had to pay the whole fine herself. :(

Seros Senric (Guest), October 20th, 2017, 8:51 pm

The other boxes are a bit too small for me to make out what they say, at least not without a lot of trying and some guesswork.

Well, there's the stolen ship. Let's see how this goes.

Also, someone should really try and explain to those kids that they do more damage than what they are trying to stop. By telling them about a group of criminals, and then listing all the things that those children have done in a way where they won't realise it's them for a while, until they ask who - and then you reveal that it's them.
During their few seconds of shock, you portal yourself out of there. To somewhere where there is another portal waiting, which you then use. Which leads to a spaceship which you then use to flee to the other side of the galaxy and become a hermit for a year.

I feel like calling Vashti "SparkleWave" now.
Also: "secind"

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