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Comics - Far Out There Christmas Clash - page 18 - December 18th, 2017, 9:09 am

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Oh, unprotected chair shot to the head.  Clare's gonna get fined something SERIOUS.
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, December 18th, 2017, 9:33 am

GAH! Actual on-screen action! What is this madness? ...it's, ironically, the lest time-consuming part of this page by a long show. Yeah, that group shot at the bottom to waaaaaaay longer to do than either of the previous panels combined. Doubly ironic, actually, because that panel was a last minute change of plans. Originally Clare was just gonna drag Vengeance out of the ring herself, but then I got the bright idea to give the previously seen characters a little more screen time... and suddenly I got several less hours of sleep coloring all these extra characters. Whoops.

Speaking of extra characters, you might notice a few additional faces in that crowd, namely Madam Ventricle and Kiki dressed up as The Road Warriors. Spoiler for the sake of not getting anybody's hopes up, but they don't actually do anything in this thing. I just felt bad that I'd forgot to give them any moments of their own, and this seemed like the one chance I'd get to squeeze them in someplace. Let's just say that they weren't on the card for this show, but were backstage anyway since they're part of the touring roster.

And speaking of last minute additions because I felt bad about something, I slipped in that reference to Clare having been a wrestler in the past because I still regret not actually giving her a new design for this thing (despite being one of the few characters who actually looks like she COULD be a wrestler). The "Big Green Machine" part is specifically a pallet-swapped reference to Kane, since Clare being Sophia's lackey now reminded me of Corporate Kane's weird transition from Masked Pyromaniac Monster all the way to Your Dad In A Business Suit. It didn't hit me until much later that tacking a Kane reference on to someone who was beating up a reference to The Christmas Creature was a special, convoluted kind of hilarious... since Glenn Jacobs, the guy who plays Kane, ALSO played The Christmas Creature. I really wish I'd done that on purpose.

And no, nobody ever ran out and beat up the Gobbledy Gooker (or the Christmas Creature, for that matter) but I have a theory somebody really wished that HAD happened, and it's why somebody, somewhere thought the ECW Zombie was a good idea.

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User Comments:

Ed8, December 25th, 2017, 11:45 pm

Only because the ring personas are not their actual canonical personas - no way a mere chair to the head would have taken out the real Vengeance. Then again, Vengeance was probably glad to get out of there himself, I suspect he just took a fall.

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