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Comics - page 1095 - inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behaviors - March 8th, 2019, 1:08 pm

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...it's a Homestar Runner reference, if you didn't catch it
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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, March 8th, 2019, 1:08 pm

On the one hand, I AM learning from my mistakes and going ahead and posting the rough draft before it gets any later... but on the other hand, I'm doing this at two-thirty in the afternoon instead of eight or nine in the morning, which is still fairly unacceptable. It's like, my brain is so accustomed to having at least forty-eight hours between updates that it just REFUSES to get anything finished faster, no matter how behind schedule the previous update was. So, yeah, the usual "check back later for the final draft" messages apply... and which point, that floating Tabitha head will hopefully look a LOT less creepy. This is one of the things that usually prevents me from posting a line-art-only draft of a page. Sometimes that line art looks REALLY weird before I add all the colors and effects and what have you.

OH! But I DID manage to get a finished Voting Incentive up last night, and it's exactly what everyone's been waiting to happen.

Advertisement, September 21st, 2019, 8:06 am

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User Comments:

Seros Senric (Guest), March 8th, 2019, 3:16 pm

I have to save creepy Tabitha face before it's gone forever!

"This was literally the only possible outcome"
Yes incentive comment thing, yes it was.
Including, of course, the sound of the horn somehow travelling through space.

Tried to make a post.

Blitzkrieg1701, March 8th, 2019, 4:37 pm

Aww dang it, I thought I had that thing set so that I wouldn't have to approve stuff anymore. Well, it's approved now. Also, COOL!

Darius Drake (Guest), March 9th, 2019, 2:47 am

@ Incentive:... They're on the SPACE ROAD? Whelp, at least that explains how everyone found it so fast.

@ Comic: I'm starting to actually actively dislike Avi. Hell, it seems like all of the issues these kid's handlers have, and the kids getting into dangerous situations, is due to Avi's delusions.

Blitzkrieg1701, March 9th, 2019, 8:29 pm

Oh, Avi's definitely not a GOOD influence, the question is just if anyone else around these kids who isn't WORSE.

Darius Drake (Guest), March 9th, 2019, 9:12 pm

@ Blitz: Avi's the one in their immediate "social group". While he's probably the glue keeping the group together, he's also the cause of every problem they get themselves into on their own.

Also, these guys seem to be somewhere between Jenna's and Megaweapon's age, closer to Jenna's, and may be close enough in financial position to interact with her family on a semi-regular basis. And you can't say that Jenna wouldn't be a good influence. Though the potential bad influence of Megaweapon and uncaringness of Kevin may completely offset that.

Blitzkrieg1701, March 9th, 2019, 11:57 pm

Yeah, the boys are all roughly the same age that Trigger is... whatever that may be.

And actually... yeah, they'd TOTALLY be in the same upper class social strata as Jenna's family. I really oughtta do something with that, shouldn't I?

Darius Drake (Guest), March 10th, 2019, 12:55 am

@ Blitz: Good to see that my random thoughts on the subject may have made a "positive" change to the story. If anyone complained about plot holes due to them all being hyper-rich kids of similar age that our crew runs into, the simplest counter argument is that Space is BIG, and not all hyper-rich kids can interact with each other. That's like asking a hyper-rich kids in America to know hyper-rich kids in England, Germany or Australia. It's quite unreasonable.

Though, this is a story, and Avi does seem the hyper-sociable type, so...

Blitzkrieg1701, March 10th, 2019, 1:19 pm

My thought process on that has been that most people who aren't super rich can't afford to travel between planets very often. Since our cast is in constant transit due to Ichabod's job, we generally only see other people who can afford to fly all over the galaxy.

Gentlecat, March 10th, 2019, 2:29 pm

Blitz, I hate to break it to you, but the floating Tabitha head still looks rather creepy, even with colour.
... No, it feels like the ominous red actually might've made it *worse*.
And yet somehow, I can't help but feel like that kind of suits Tabitha and her 'hobbies'.

Blitzkrieg1701, March 10th, 2019, 10:18 pm

See, that's the thing: the finished version is creepy in the way I MEANT for it to be creepy. The rough draft was creepy in ways I never really even thought about until it was staring me right in the face.

Darius Drake (Guest), March 10th, 2019, 11:45 pm

Well, let's be honest here. You don't make a giant disembodied head floating over somebody's shoulder without expecting it to be creepy in some way.

Blitzkrieg1701, March 11th, 2019, 9:45 pm

...on today's episode of "Sentences I didn't expect to have to write today" :)

Ed8, July 6th, 2019, 4:06 pm

Yes, Creepy Tabitha Head is Creepy.

Regarding Darius's suggestion - it's not so much a question of whether Jenna would be a good influence on them, but rather how much worse it would be for Jenna to have to put up with their nonsense. Actually, putting up with yet another 4 obnoxious boys in addition to her siblings does seem like something the Universe (aka Blitz) would do to torment poor Jenna :(

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