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Comics - page 1132 - the greatest destructive force of all - July 23rd, 2019, 10:11 am

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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, July 23rd, 2019, 10:11 am

Um, yeah, the final draft will have a big flashy explody effect, but I have no idea how long it'll take to finish, so in the meantime enjoy an even rougher draft than usual.

For context, I've really been scrambling to finish the last couple of Animazement comics over at Conventional Wisdom before the end of this week, since that's when Otakon is. Now, anyone who's been following me elsewhere has already heard I'm not going to Otakon this year (for the first time in a decade) but I've yet to make an official announcement on the comic itself, because I wanted to finish up the AZ comics first... and suddenly that deadline is approaching REAL fast. Hence the being a bit more frazzled than usual.

In the meantime, though, not only is there a new TWC Voting Incentive up, but that new Patreon blog that's not a Character Soundtrack is finally finished and posted too! ...which brings me to something kinda odd.

Normally, this would be the part where I not-so-subtly urge anyone who isn't already a patron to start pledging a few dollars so I can be slightly less broke. That's still a thing I'd like, but there's also something else I could use some help with. It's come to my belated attention (sorry about that) that there's some weirdness going on where not everyone has access to everything their level of donation ought to unlock, and I'm not really sure what to do about it. For one thing, I'm at a real disadvantage since I can't actually afford to donate to anyone ELSE, so I have no idea what all this stuff looks like from ya'll's end. But what's worse, there's just a very limited pool of examples to work with in finding a pattern. The more people are donating, the easier it'll hopefully be to pinpoint what's going on and do something about it. So if you haven't already, I'd appreciate it even more than usual if you started donating at least $2, and let me know if there's anything you should have access to that's still locked. Heck, even if you're ALREADY donating, I'd still appreciate it if you poked around a bit and let me know if anything seems amiss. Thanks, and sorry again for the trouble!

EDIT: See, THIS is why it can be a good idea to go ahead and post the rough draft. Since my preferred method of using color gradients for lighting effects doesn't really translate to my ongoing experiments with animated effects, I decided to play around with crosshatching instead. For completely bling fumbling around, I think it turned out as a decent first try... but MAN was it time consuming. And I mean both in terms of when I was actually doing it right, AND all the times I realized I'd messed up and needed to backtrack. Cos that happened a LOT.

7/26 EDIT: It's the lamest of lame updates, but after scrambling so hard to get all that Conventional Wisdom stuff done that it's caused me physical pain (no, seriously, my back's bugging me from being hunched over the computer too long) there's just no way I'll be getting a Far Out There update done today. I'll TRY to have a page up by sometime Saturday, so check back then. And look on the bright side: this SHOULD be the last time I have a crunch like this until around Christmas. It's all downhill from here! ...wait...

Advertisement, September 21st, 2019, 8:05 am

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User Comments:

Zaealix (Guest), July 23rd, 2019, 4:41 pm

It's an absolute shame people fail to catch pictures of Tabitha when she's going full 'FOR SCIENCE!!!' Like this glorious example here.

Darius Drake (Guest), July 24th, 2019, 12:04 am

@ Incentive: ...how the H**K do you expect to stick Stillez in a new costume, let alone one with Goggles, for more than five minutes?

@ Comic: Honestly, I believe that you may be the 327th Mad Scientist to have unlocked the pure destructive potential of afternoon tea, and will be the 251st to put down the weapon and completely forget about using it ever again. The other 76 either killed themselves with it, got killed by what they were weaponizing it against, or attempted to use it further only to discover that the pure destructive potential of afternoon tea has surprisingly limited utility.

That is, of course, only counting Mad Scientists (and ignoring Mad Social Scientists). Politicians, Diplomats, Major Business Owners and many other such influential people already know the pure destructive potential of afternoon tea, and actively attempt to direct it to be utilized for purposes beneficial to themselves and/or the "causes" they are currently actively attempting to promote. And Mad Social Scientists know about the pure destructive potential of afternoon tea, but have yet to find a way to direct it to power their Moving Mazes or to have it produce more afternoon tea to become infinitely renewable energy.

Ed8, July 24th, 2019, 10:12 pm

Avatar is immune to the color Yellow!
@Zaelix-It's a shame people fail to catch more pictures of exasperated Avatar! Exasperated Avatar is somehow immensely adorable.
(not that Tabitha and Bridget aren't also, of course)

@Darius-Incentive-Just get Tax to tell her she ought to wear it. Stilez will happily wear it without even asking why, and probably never take it off until it's completely incinerated.

@Darius-Afternoon Tea-We 'mericans are immune to the effects of Afternoon-Tea-based weapons! And will retaliate with weaponized Coffee Breaks! Though, as much caffeine as there is in the average Starbucks,etc. coffee, it's pretty much weaponized as-is. (and, to be fair, 95% of what I personally drink is tea, so I'm probably going to be kicked out of the country soon)

@Blitz-I wouldn't be too concerned about it, any Patreon Errors are probably the result of Rebellious Nonconformist Scofflaws screwing up the system with odd non-standard donation amounts, so they're just getting what they deserve! ;)

Blitzkrieg1701, July 24th, 2019, 10:40 pm

Oh trust me, if it'll save me the trouble of having to color in all those stripes every panel, Stilez WILL start wearing a new jumpsuit. Even if I have to author avatar myself into the comic and stuff her into it myself!

Also, the REAL rare sight captured here is wide-eyed, full-of-wonderment, not-even-trying-to-act-cool Bridget. That's almost NEVER seen if anyone other than Tabitha is in the room.

Ed8, July 24th, 2019, 10:57 pm

Now I at least expect a vote-incentive art of Conventional-Wisdom-Blitz-Author-Avatar trying to stuff Stilez into a jumpsuit! (Presumably the Voyager Seven-of-nine featureless grey bodysuit, based on the tradition of stealing Stilez's outfit from previous scifi franchises and its ease of drawability) I will tremendously disappointed if this does not happen.

Darius Drake (Guest), July 25th, 2019, 6:17 pm

@ Ed8: The destructive potential of coffee breaks is actually significantly lower than the destructive potential of afternoon tea. The reasons why are numerous, but start with Coffee Breaks being shorter, having less talks about life, and more talks about what you're supposed to be doing. Basically, the destructive potential is different due to the fact that a skilled politician can potentially use a single Afternoon Tea to change the course of politics, for better or worse, while individual Coffee Breaks can only offer the destructive potential of office gossip, and the combined ones only offer the destructive potential of wild gossip. Not saying Gossip can't be dangerous, just not as destructive as the mass of politics that can be a mere sweetener for an Afternoon Tea Party.

Ed8, July 25th, 2019, 8:14 pm

Beverage Wars
@Darius: You underestimate the destructive potential of office gossip! Entire governments have been brought down by it! :D
(also, I thought we were talking about making a giant honkin' gun out of it? rather than it's more boring uses)

However, if one wants to compare, Booze is the preferred method worldwide and historically over either coffee or tea for achieving said effects. Primarily due to its effect of diminishing or completely eliminating the good judgement of the participants. (and if it's really strong, unlike coffee or tea, you can set it on fire for even more effect!)

Darius Drake (Guest), July 26th, 2019, 4:38 am

Beverage Wars Redux
@ Ed8: We're talking about unlocking the destructive potential of something in order to weaponize the relating energy. The more mundane uses of said energy can be considered to be a source of the destructive potential, and thus relevant to said potential. As is how much of that potential is utilised by the mundane uses.

In relation to that, Alcoholic Drinks, aka Booze, use up quite a lot of it's destructive potential in use, be it the deactivation of inhibitions when imbued or destroying kidneys due to over-consumption, Booze's destructive potential is significantly utilised in the form of digesting it, and thus has more waste when attempting to indirectly weaponize it. It's part of the reason why there aren't more Booze Powered Weapons, they're thought up regularly, but lack the effectiveness of even conventional weaponry.

That's a problem that both Afternoon Tea and Coffee Breaks don't have. They don't utilise (waste) their destructive potential when simply being imbued and digested, and thus can have their destructive potential properly weaponized. The reason why I say that Afternoon Tea is stronger when weaponized than Coffee Breaks is purely due to Afternoon Tea having a more complete resume than Coffee Breaks in destructive potential.

I agree office gossip has significant destructive potential. But the restrictive nature of office gossip that Coffee Breaks have access to pales in nature and scope to the sheer unfiltered volume of Gossip that Afternoon Tea has access to. A Coffee Break's Office Gossip only compiles your close coworkers and/or things you feel you have no control over, like politics, TV and sport. Afternoon Tea's Gossip not only relates to all of those things, but also relates to your own family members, people who are complete strangers to all involved, the weather, food and more. Not to mention the fact that Coffee Break's Snide Comments are always behind the person's back, while an Afternoon Tea's Snide Comments can be made directly to the person they're attempting to insult.

All in all, Afternoon Tea has more destructive potential than Coffee Breaks, and more weaponizeable destructive potential than Booze.

In TL:DR - There's a REASON why people in fiction look forward to Booze and Coffee Breaks, but dread Afternoon Tea Parties. Unless, of course, they're the one who's happily throwing said Afternoon Tea Party.

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