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Eric Quartment

Layla's beloved, dearly departed Father. Eric was a stand up guy, to the extent that a shameless con artist and thief could be. If nothing else, he adored his wife and daughter and tried his best to do right by them. Layla, for one, worshiped the ground he walked on, and even now idolizes the guy. His tragic death in a freak cotton candy accident pretty much scarred her for life.

Oh, and it turns out that Ichabod knew him well before he and Layla met. Not that Ichabod has ever TOLD her this, of course.

Patti Olivia Lomax-Quartment

Layla’s Mother, whom she loves substantially less than her Father. Patti’s a very… curt individual. She doesn’t like to show emotion, and generally tolerates no crap from other people. Also, she and Layla are biologically incapable of getting along. Those two can get into a fight over ANYTHING. Which Is sad, because deep down they really admire each other. Alas, the fallout of Eric’s death and Ichabod’s intervention means that they won’t been on speaking terms for a while

(IMPORTANT: Patti's first appearances in the comic have been significantly retconed. What “really” happened is explained in THESE VOTING INCENTIVES)


Blip is an artificial, bio-engineered pet that Cap'n Crosby bought at some backwaters rest stop a while back. Although Blip appears to be intelligent (what with his ability to converse and all) he's actually just a simply toy who likes making loud noises.
Ram Quatzi

Ram is a seller of hard to find technology and a dealer of goods whose legal standing is contentious. In other words, he's a junk dealer and scam artist. That's bad enough on its own, but Ram also has a habit of selling very dangerous things without bothering to find out just they actually do. Let buyer beware.
Dr. Sutter Zampano Caligari

Dr. Caligari the modern universe's foremost proponent of alchemy, striving to advance the forgotten “true” science in a future where the shortsighted have abandoned it… except none of his “alchemy” actually works. Caligari is, in fact, a Mad Scientist who's gone a little more “mad” than most. He has delusions of performing alchemy, but actually just does his old mad science tricks out of habit, and with far less precision than he used to. As a result, the poor nutcase has become a bit of a laughing stock. He and his daughter Tabitha were extremely close when she was younger, and he was saner, but the recent dementia has put a real strain of their relationship.
Mrs. Caligari

Tabitha's Mom is… um… a bit of a mystery. We know she exists, we've heard her talk, but… nobody ever seems to actually SEE her. What does she look like? What's her actual name? Why is she only a disembodied voice? Who knows?
Master Frank Forrester Hech'rosh'tih

According to an interplanetary cult known as the Hoch'ren Honnee, Frank is the 3rd Most Important Person in the universe. You see, they've got this messiah-type figure spoken of in prophesy and allegedly destined to save the universe as we know it... but just in case, they've also got an understudy for the guy. FRANK here is the understudy's understudy, meaning it'll be up to him to save the universe if the other two guys aren't available; hence the whole "THIRD most important" thing. Between being totally spoiled and being ticked off that he's always going to be third banana, Frank's not a very pleasant fellow to be around.
Dr. Isaiah Hector

Megaweapon's Father, and Jenna & Kevin's step-dad. Some would suggest that Dr. Hector only married their Mother so that the family wealth could fund his mad science projects. These people would be wrong. Dr. Hector absolutely worships Augusta, and has actually scaled down his mad sciencing quite a bit to avoid causing her any trouble (and most of what he DOES get up to these days is for her benefit). That said, he's kind of a lousy parent, without much patience for difficult stuff like discipline. That probably explains how Megaweapon turned out the way he did. Still, as far as Mad Scientists go, Dr. Hector is a reasonably nice fellow.
Augusta Marie-Thérèse Antoinette Hector

Possibly the only person in existence to rival Jenna in the field of niceness, Augusta is a RELENTLESSLY cheerful person. Constantly smiling, always on the verge of a giggling fit, and endlessly positive about everything, Augusta is… well, he's a bit of a ditz. Not DUMB, by any means, but she's hopelessly naive from living a life of absolute luxury. Still, she really tries her best to help others, and runs a massive number of charities to that effect (well, Jenna's more the one who RUNS them, but…)

About the only wrinkle in Augusta's happy existence is Megaweapon. She just can't wrap her head around the thought that her beloved baby boy could possibly turn out to be such a monster, so she doesn't try. Of course, Megaweapon deliberately doesn't act up around her, so the denial is easy to keep up.

Dr. Delia Jarre

Mad Scientists latching onto crackpot theories is nothing new, but Dr. Jarre has one that hits the main Far Out There cast closer than most. She's convinced that Avatar is actually the long-lost Princess Rheiko of Jehtkyo, and won't shut up about it. She's wrong, it's chronologically impossible for Avatar to be Rheiko, but Dr. Jarre is determined, enthusiastic, and nuts, so that doesn’t stop her.
Mooney Paceman

A rich, sociopathic gun collector who crossed paths with Ichabod some time in the past. She seems to prefer robots over people, and got violently angry when Ichabod didn't share that opinion. And as far as we know, they never exactly settled their differences after that. She’s still out there…
Madam Bianca Savoy Ventricle

One of the higher-ups in the Forum of Unconventional Scientific Endeavors (a Mad Scientist Convention). Madam Ventricle is a grumpy, sarcastic lady who has very little patience for other people, probably as a result of trying to keep Mad Scientists in line for years. She also wears an eye patch, which… is kind of odd. You'd think someone constantly surrounded by mad science would be able to get a bad eye fixed, right?
Kiki Kritz

Kiki is Madam Ventricle's best friend and right-hand woman. As cheerful as Ventricle is cranky, she's probably the only reason either of them ever get any work done. At the very least, she's the one that resolves all the arguments Madam Ventricle starts.
Reverend Bonfire

The leader of Skye's band of wandering hippy street preachers. He's pretty much everything that combination of words would lead you to expect. Boisterous and kind of goofy, but well-meaning enough. There's no telling what, if any, religious organization ordained the good Reverend. According to one of his many origin stories, Ichabod knew the guy while growing up.
Dr. Cruse Vanderslice

A handsome young Mad Scientist who briefly grabbed Layla's attention. Unfortunately, like many mad scientists, Dr. Vanderslice is quite willing to do lots of horrifyingly gross things to very cute little animals, so their association was short lived. He never really understood what her problem was.
Sophia Suspiria Terracciano

Ichabod's superior at the Galactic Nitpicker's Guild. Sophia is a tough, no nonsense boss, who constantly has to ride herd on Ichabod to get him to turn in reports on time. She's also the one Ichabod comes running to whenever he gets into too much trouble for him to get out of on his own. Also, she appears to be a cute little girl with a serious candy habit. There’s no telling if she's just super smart or doesn't age or what (At least, nothing in the comics has said what's up one way or the other. All the Nitpickers probably know perfectly well).
Clare Black

Sophia's assistant/body guard. Clare is the one who does the actual saving whenever Ichabod needs someone to save him. Clare doesn't talk much, but she's very good with guns and even better with her fists. She also smokes a lot. (AND she thoughtlessly disregards all known character tropes by being a really strong person who wears big, thick glasses)
Maureen Phaedo & Sandy Pearl Hume

Maureen and Sandy are the teenybopper stars of the wildly popular (and wildly stupid) children's sitcom “Principal Baby”. Not willing to allow their fifteen minutes of fame to pass unused, both young starlets have launched major socio-political movements. Maureen runs an extensive line of anti-capitalist merchandise, while Sandy has founded a philosophy of cynicism. Both are quite popular.
Norman “Principal Baby” Leitch

The theoretical star of “Principal Baby”, though he isn't actually a baby. Leitch just had his growth surgically halted at a very early age to that he could remain a “child actor” forever. He also abuses virtually every substance known to man, mostly out of aggravation that he’s a secondary character in his own show (Sandy and Maureen are vastly more popular and successful than he is).
Rumiko Cherry

Renowned record producer and children's choir conductor. Cherry's well known for her work with orphanages and other projects for disadvantaged children, especially when it comes to sappy children's specials.
Vance Spenton-Holmes

Con artists and swindler with extensive brain implants that allow him to access computer databases with his mind (a handy trick for fast-talking crooks). At one point, Vance was a nice, charming fellow, enough for Eric to work on a job with him. Unfortunately, that job left Vance stranded on a derelict space station, driven to homicidal misanthropy and delusions of being a robot (thanks largely to Ichabod, of course). There’s no sign that he actually died on that station, meaning he could come looking for Ichabod again at any moment…

Rock and Roll superstar to end all Rock and Roll Superstars, Vashti is renowned for her spectacular live shows. Early in her career she underwent extensive genetic modification to become the bug-woman heroine of her current concept album, and it’s remained her trademark image ever since.
Anita Mannheim

Domestic goddess, star of numerous home improvement guides, and general idol to ambitious homemakers across the universe. If you ever see some expensive kitchen trinket or yard improvement chemical advertized, odds are good Mannheim’s the one selling it.
Disonar de Kantner

Famous “philanthropist”, which usually means “professional thrower of parties for rich people”. Disonar likes to live large, generally well beyond what he can actually afford. As such, his party throwing skills often end up being employed by whatever shady individuals can afford to pay his bills. He's not really much of a crook himself, though. The poor shmuck doesn’t have the stomach for it.

NOTE: Disonar has recently hooked up with a girlfriend, Astrid, who's actually a cop, so the odds of him continuing to do anything even REMOTELY illegal are kind of slim right now.

Noel Karwonski

Famed, and ABSURDLY prolific children's author. Basically, if you're a child in the future, you grew up on Karwonski's stories. Despite this cultural omnipresence, he's pretty much just a normal guy. Presumably, his agent's not very good, or he'd be a lot richer.
Aram Dolpheintz Hech'anch'tih, Xeen Hech'orch'tih, & Jamilla Jaai Hech'ruch'tih

The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Most Important Persons of the Universe according to the Hoch'ren Honnee. That is, they’re the people waiting to take over if Frank is rendered unable to fulfill his duties. Thus, they have even less to do than he does. (In case you can't tell them apart by numbers, Aram is the long-haired purple boy, Xeen is the big green fellow, and Jamilla is the spotted bald girl)
Philip Freeman

Groundbreaking botanist and creator of numerous new strains of trees. In fact, it's rumored he prefers to live in trees rather than a house. He's a very popular guy around Christmastime.
Parker Renoir

Another rising young starlet, similar to Sandy & Maureen except that Parker appears in “serious” movies rather than teenybopper sitcoms. It seems to be paying off, since she's been in the news a LOT lately.
David Van Der Welt

Senior Executive Santa of the Interplanetary Santa Claus Corporation, the group that transports toys across the universe every Christmas. As befitting a person who made Christmas into his career, he's a pretty jolly guy.

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