Far Out There
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Princess Rheiko la Arwall chu Jehtkyo

The only member of the Royal Family of Jehtkyo to be unaccounted for after the bloody, planet-wide revolution. Realistically, all experts believe Rheiko was killed along with the rest of her family, her body simply being misplaced, but popular culture has latched on to her as a real-life fairy tale figure. There are thousands of different fantasy stories purporting to tell the “real story” of The Lost Princess, none of which touch on the unpleasant reality.

An alien scientist sent to study humanity, constantly being exasperated by the primitive species foibles. Of course, as everyone knows, aliens don't actually exist. Neva's just an animated character that's remained popular for a very, VERY long time.
Princesses Castral & Iconal

A pair of wildly rich, wildly irresponsible, and just plain WILD sisters who constantly appear in the tabloids. Generally, it's because of drunken revelry that resulted in property damage. Also, they're extremely short. Like, stubby little chibis. So there's that.

Gright The Suicide Doll is probably the most depressing merchandizing mascot ever conceived: a gross little blob with a head wound who encourages you to stop being a wimp and just go for it. Of course, he's wildly popular.

Not actually a "character", but a species of genetically engineered animal that, despite looking absolutely horrifying, are sweet and tasty treat. Pretty much everything tastes better with Xal-Gox in it! (Assuming you can strain all the fangs and claws out first, of course)
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